Our highly qualified staff are fully committed to the education and welfare of all our pupils. Continual professional development is key to our school improvement.


Miss Campbell
Head Teacher

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Health and Safety, Assessment, CPD and EVC.

Mrs Sharma
Deputy Head
Deputy Designated safeguarding Lead., Science, Design & Technology and Behaviour.
Ms Gibbons
Year 4 Senior Teacher (Pine Class)

Deputy Designated safeguarding lead & Inclusion

Mrs Marshall
Senior Teacher
English Co-ordinator, Most Able Co-ordinator & Mentor
Miss Baker
Year 4 Teacher (Lime Class)
Sustainability Co-ordinator
Miss Cannock
Year 5 Teacher (Larch Class)
Computing Co-ordinator
Miss Harrington
Year 6 Teacher (Sycamore Class)
History & Geography Co-ordinator & Co-ordinator Lead
Mrs Harvey
Year 4 Teacher (Pine Class)
Maths Co-ordinator & RE Co-ordinator
Miss O King
Year 3 Teacher (Oak Class)
Art Co-ordinator
Mrs S King
PPA & Teacher Cover
Music Co-ordinator
Miss McIlroy
Year 5 Teacher (Beech Class)
PSHCE Co-ordinator
Mrs Cox
Year 3 Teacher (Elm Class)
Sustainability Co-ordinator
Mr Walters
Year 6 Teacher (Willow Class)
MFL Co-ordinator and P.E. Co-ordinator

Higher Level Teaching assistants

Mrs Kentish
Year 5 Teaching Assistant
ICT Support and DT Support.

Other teaching staff

Mrs Barker
PE Support
Mrs Duggan
PE Support

Educational support

Mrs G King
Support Assistant Cover
Mrs Royston-Hayes
Specialist Support Assistant & Midday Supervisor
Mrs Saunders
Specialist Support Assistant
Midday Supervisor, French support & DT Support
Mrs Stockings
Specialist Support Assistant
Midday Supervisor & First Aid
Mrs Weber
Specialist Support Assistant
Midday Supervisor
Mr. White
Specialist Support Assistant

The school office

Mrs Craddock
School Secretary
Miss Kettlewell
Premises Administrator
(on leave)
Miss Thorne
Mrs Warner
Premises Administrator
School Secretary & Cookery support

Important ancillary staff

Mr Osborne-Williams
Mrs Osborne-Williams
Midday Supervisor

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Brown
Midday Supervisor
Mrs Dunn
Midday Supervisor
Mrs Medhi
Midday Supervisor
Mrs Oliver
Lunchtime Support
Mrs Sorensen
Midday Supervisor
Mrs Seymour
Midday Supervisor
Mrs Wilson
Midday Supervisor